I was born in Hamburg in 1966 and live in the Altmark in the district of Stendal. In a radius of about 200 km I offer my support.

I am a trained medical assistant and studied psychology in Bremen. Then I worked and lived with foster children for a long time. While working as a social worker in the low-threshold drug sector I gained a lot of knowledge about myself.

Throughout my life, dogs and horses were the beings that taught me to keep trust, in them and in myself. The animals were my companions and teachers in the points of truthfulness and love. My biography is marked by many difficult experiences that have made me the woman I am today and have trained my skills for this work with people and dogs.

You may know the situation where your dog throws himself into the leash and seems to forget you at the other end and then also barks at everyone you meet.

I set out with you to find out what your dog is trying to show you.

I also accompany you in the contact with you without an animal companion. There is the moment in life when you realize that you should take care of yourself, your sleep is restless, your inner tension does not release, your body sparks SOS etc., and also there I would like to accompany you. I want to support you to find your way back to yourself.


Ich biete für Menschen, denen der Weg zu mir zu weit oder nicht möglich ist, per Skype oder anderen Anbietern, auch Coachings an.

Ich mache immer wieder die Erfahrung, dass auch beim Kennenlernen über Skype eine intensive und tolle Arbeit möglich ist. Selbst die Hunde zeigen sich und arbeiten mit. Es macht mir auch auf diese Weise große Freude, Energien zu spüren und Menschen zu begleiten.

Wenn ich Hunde noch nicht kenne, freue ich mich über Videos, die vorab an mich geschickt werden, so kann ich einen ersten Eindruck gewinnen.

Zu Hunden, die ich noch nicht kenne freue ich mich über Videos, die ihr mir gerne vor dem Termin zu schicken könnt.

60,-€ für 60 Minuten
Ort nach Absprache
0,40€ / km
For truthful relationships and honest communication.
The following are people and teachings with whose approaches I have had years of successful experience

What can you expect if we work together?

You are allowed to show yourself as you are! That is often our biggest challenge.

Feel free to listen to the audio, here I share my thoughts on the subject.

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Vielen Dank an die RadioEXPERTEN für die Vermittlung!

In the conversation with dear Regula you can get an impression of my way of working and hear how the dogs can lead us closer to ourselves.