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You want to improve your communication with humans and animals? Build trust and strengthen relationships?

Walk with your dog without a leash, free through the world, without tension and fear? You wish for ease in contact with your dog? No more running away, no more aggression, no more fear?

With my approach, a mixture of many different forms of therapy, I help you and your pet to come to peace inside. Through various exercises I help you to reduce anxiety and to get in contact with each other or others – this completely relaxed, for you and your animal.

I help you to understand what issues your animal wants to show you and so you come through the animal in connection and recovery with you and in you.


I also offer coaching via Skype or other providers for people who find it too far or impossible to come to me.

I always make the experience that even when getting to know each other via Skype, an intensive and great work is possible. Even the dogs show themselves and work with. It also gives me great pleasure in this way to feel energies and accompany people.

For dogs that I do not know yet, I am happy about videos that you can send me before the appointment. So I can get a first impression.

Human-to-Animal Coaching
from 60,- € for 60 minutes*

Human-to-Human Coaching
90,- € for 60 minutes*

Place according to agreement
0,40 € / km


Time for change

I have made the experience that sometimes it is not enough to work together only by the hour, so I offer you the offer of intensive coaching with and without dog.

The offer is especially useful for people who live together with several dogs or couples who have different ideas in dealing with the dog. Basically, it is about learning together for several days, to be able to implement things directly.

For example, the questions are: What do boundaries mean to you and how do you set them? What is real leadership? What is the interaction of the different dogs in the household? I would like to explore these topics with you in different ways.

This can start at 4 hours per day and go up to accompanying you in your complete everyday life.


This offer turns out very individual.

We start with a conversation in which you can tell me what your issues are and what is the reason for your coming. After that we will bring your dog. For this it is important that he is well taken care of in the car. The procedure is usually like this every day, because it has proven to be useful. We look every day anew what is a good and for you goal-leading way.

We will discuss all details in advance. Get in touch for a free initial consultation.

Price and place by arrangement**


Our joint journey to sustainable transformation

You have reached a point in your relationship with your animal companion where you feel you need more? More support to be able to achieve a strong connection and deep trust? In the intensive time of two days together we can go the way to a profound change.

In order to gain true insight into a certain behavior, time is needed. Time that is often not available in individual coaching sessions. Sometimes it’s just the familiar environment that reveals complex connections and backgrounds that don’t show up in unfamiliar terrain. Maybe you know such situations from the past. You have a certain issue with your dog and it is difficult for you to name it exactly.

With your coach or in a seminar, the challenge doesn’t show up the way it does at home in your everyday life. Whenever you do, you wish there was someone with you now who would see and support these situations.

This is where we can start, when I accompany you over a period of two days to authentically experience everyday life in your home. On the first morning walk I can be there or when you want to relax in the evening, but your dog does not come to rest. If you have a need, I am even available at night. In this intensive exchange I can give you impulses that you can apply directly in your daily life. This can open up opportunities to get to know each other on a completely different level. You can gain new perspectives on supposedly deadlocked situations and thus dissolve them.

*The dog is meant here by proxy. Depending on the needs we can also work with cats, horses or other animals

  • Arrival on a day as desired approx. 17-18 clock
  • Duration of my stay: approx. 48 hours directly on site or in an accommodation of your choice
  • the accompaniment in everyday life can be done according to your ideas
  • Pre- and post-talk by zoom each approx. 1-2 hours
  • Price on demand**
Get in touch for a free initial consultation.

*Agreed coaching sessions must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the start. Coachings canceled in time will be made up by means of an appropriate replacement appointment. For appointments not cancelled in time, the following prices will be charged:
60,- € for human-animal coaching
80,- € for human-human coaching

**Intensive coaching sessions must be cancelled at least 72 hours before the start. Coaching sessions cancelled in time will be made up by means of an appropriate replacement appointment. For appointments not cancelled in time, the following prices will be charged:
200,- € for human-animal coaching/ per day
250,- € for human-human coaching/ per day

Payment for intensive coaching sessions is made in advance or, at the latest, on the day of the service provided, in cash or by bank transfer. 


It is still a special possibility to feel all this in a group and without any evaluation.